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HP and PP displays

HP and PP displays in Mother.


The current HP and PP for Ness and Lucas are listed on this odometer display.

Psychic Points (Japanese: サイコポイント Psycho Point), abbreviated as PP, are the value of PSI a character in the Mother series (playable or opposing) can use in order to cast various PSI abilities. Playable characters can replenish this value by eating appropriate foods, encountering a Magic Butterfly, or utilizing appropriate Recover PSI. The only PSI ability that does not cost PP is PSI Magnet, which can instead only take PP from an opponent only if the enemy has PP remaining and can use PSI.

Psychic Point EB 64

The Psychic Point in Earthbound 64

Unique to EarthBound and Mother 3 is that playable characters' psychic points are represented by a rolling meter similar to an odometer. This means that PP used by an ability will not immediately be diminished. However this very rarely proves to be either advantageous or disadvantageous to the player, unlike with hit points, as even moves that drain large amounts of PP like PSI Rockin Ω (Omega) usually have animations long enough that the PP meter has finished rolling by the time the attack hits.


Concentration is needed for an enemy or player character to use a PSI ability. A few rare enemies in EarthBound (such as the Wetnosaur or the Mad Duck) can use an attack that can disrupt one playable character's concentration, making the PP-meter turn into an X. The character will be unable to use PSI until concentration is regained.

Some enemies also suffer from poor concentration, such as the Mr. Molecule enemy, making their PSI moves fail randomly.

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