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The Prologue is a part of Mother 3 that consists of the events before Chapter 1: Night At The Funeral.


The prologue begins with Hinawa and her twin sons, Lucas and Claus. They are currently at Alec's cabin up in Mt. Oriander, and are preparing to return to Tazmily Village soon. After changing out of his pajamas, Lucas heads out to join Claus, who is playing with the Dragos. Shortly later, a Mole Cricket will show up, decide to deem Lucas its rival, and attack. Once the mole cricket is beaten, it will flee, unfortunately straight into Hinawa's path, and is stepped on. Hinawa is coming to tell the twins that she has cooked up some of their favorite food. The group returns to the cabin, and Hinawa writes what is going to be her final letter to Flint. The prologue then ends, and Chapter 1 begins.


  • Playable
    • Lucas
    • Claus
  • Non-playable
    • Alec
    • Hinawa