PowerShield is a PSI technique that only appears in EarthBound Beginnings. It's learned by Ninten and Ana, and is not known by any enemies in the game.  

It casts a shield on a single specified party member which lasts for the full duration of the battle. Under its effects, all direct damage, both physical and PSI, is nullified; effectively making the recipient of the shield invincible. The damage that would normally have been dealt to the target with the PowerShield up is then reflected back at the attacker. It costs 9 PP to use. 

PowerShield cannot be used during two specific bosses, which are R7038 and Giegue. When you try to use it against either of them, a message comes up saying "There was no effect on [Name]."

Level Users PP Cost Target Effect Comments


9 One ally Shields one party member. Reflects all direct damage back at the attacker.
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