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A hovercraft like item which carries at least four people. As the name suggests, it is pink and shaped like a bean, with a trademark Pigmask nose. It is capable of moving several times faster than the party at running speed, making it very useful for quick travel. While inside the Pork Bean, Lucas and co. cannot encounter enemies. Instead, one can defeat them (without any EXP or drops, however) by ramming into them while driving the Pork Bean.


  • Bizarrely enough, the pork bean can slip through a banana peel, even if it's floating.
  • If Lucas and co. are on the Highway using the first Pork Bean, and it loses power or explodes, they will have to walk the rest of the time. However in Chapter 3, Salsa and Fassad's Pork Bean never loses gas, and neither will the Mr. Saturn Bean. The first Pork Bean will also always be charged if just one successful recharge is completed.
  • Similar vehicles are the Saturn Table, and the so-called Saturn Bean, Both of which are seen and later used in Chapter 7, although the latter only appears if the first Pork Bean is recharged successfully.
  • According to some unused sprites, the so called Saturn Bean may have originally looked like the Pork Bean. This sprite can be seen by opening a new game and going to Saturn valley through the Debug Room or by using cheat codes. When entering one of the rooms with Duster in it, two of these strange vehicles can be found.
  • According to a mock-advertisement present in an issue Dengeki 64 magazine the Pork Bean's model name is, PB1500 DeLux.
  • The Pork Bean changed numerous times in design throughout MOTHER 3's development, with many different colors and shapes.
  • The Pork Beans seemed to have played a much larger role in EarthBound 64 compared to the final game. They seemed to be able to be used in many more areas.
  • Pork Beans in EarthBound 64 moved a lot more organically, with their animations constantly showing them squishing and stretching.
    Pork Bean 64

    EarthBound 64 footage showing Lucas getting into a Pork Bean and driving. Notice how gelatinous the Pork Bean's animations are.