The Polestar Preschool (ポーラスター幼稚園) is a location in EarthBound. It is a preschool in Twoson owned and operated, presumably, by Paula's mother and possibly her father as well. It is a large building, just south of Venus's mother's house, with both a sleeping cat and the name "POLESTAR" on its roof. There is also boy all in blue who remains perpetually outside the building (though clearly seems to be of the right age to be attending the preschool, augmented by the fact that he is initially quite distressed over Paula's kidnapping, and happiest of all upon her return).

The location of Polestar school.

The school itself seems to be run directly out of the family's home. Past the first room, which is furnished mostly by school desks, there is what appears to be a dining room, as well as a set of stairs leading up to two bedrooms. The first consists predominantly of two beds, and a door leading to the second bedroom which seems to be unmistakably Paula's. It is painted entirely pink, and contains a gift box with a Teddy bear.

After the events of the game, Paula receives a a letter from the kids at the school in a gift box. It is notable that the letter seems to be penned by at least five children, although only four children are ever seen in attendance at the school. If Ness is unconscious, the player will continue to play while controlling Paula. If you go into the kitchen, her dad will make you some pie and you'll sleep in Paula's bed, with the same effects as Ness' home.


  • Polestar is meant to be a pun on Paula's name. Paula's name in Japanese is spelled ポーラ (Pola), while Polestar is spelled ポーラスター.
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