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"It was you! YOU beat up my buddy, didn't you?"
— Pogo Punk, in the outsides of the Arcade in Onett

Pogo Punks, known as Rebound Kid in Japan, are enemies found in EarthBound. It is one of the three main members of the Sharks street gang in Onett, Eagleland and they share the same sprite as the Yes Man Junior and Skate Punks. They are the strongest members of the gang, as even if they are likely to fall down wasting a turn they have more health than the rest and they can deal high level damage by charging forward. They always drop a hamburger when they are defeated. Their in-battle theme is "Battle Against a Weird Opponent."


The Pogo Punks seem to be little kids dressed up in dark green, using shorts and with brown shoes, just like their fellow gangsters they have a shark fin at the top of their heads and wear a pair of white gloves, as their name suggests, they use weaponized pogo sticks.


One of them is at the outsides of the Arcade in Onett, he will ask the player if they want to meet frank and then attack them, there is also another Pogo Punk inside the arcade, he will chase ness and then yell at him for beating up buddy, then he will proceed to attack him, after the Sharks gang is disbanded, he will chase ness once again just to say "Yeah?".


Groups with[]


  • Bash - The Pogo Punk bashes a foe, dealing low-level damage to one party member.
  • Charge Forward - The Pogo Punk charges forward, dealing high-level damage to one party member.
  • Fall Down - The Pogo Punk falls down often, dealing no damage at all.

Pogo punk with background

Pogo punk as seen in game


  • They seem to be the youngest members of the gang, as their bodies are considerably smaller.
  • If the player enters the arcade without fighting any sharks in the way, the Pogo Punk will still chase them and yell at them for "beating up his buddy", this was most likely an oversight by the developers.