Podunk (マザーズデイの町, Mother's Day Town) is a town in Earthbound Beginnings. It is home to a number of characters in the game, among them Ninten and Pippi. Podunk is where the game's protagonist, Ninten, begins his adventure.

Background information

The beginning of Earthbound Beginnings is set in the town of Podunk. One night, a poltergeist appears in Ninten's House and takes control of several household items. The chaos subsides when Ninten overpowers one of his sister Mimmie's possessed Dolls. Ninten can arm himself with a Plastic Bat before travelling into the rural area of Podunk.

On the way, he can encounter the mother of a local girl named Pippi standing outside their house, from whom Ninten learns that Pippi has gone missing. In the urban areas of Podunk, Mr. Mayor, the head of Podunk, is preparing for re-elections at then time and enlists Ninten to rescue Pippi from the Cemetery to make himself out to be a hero and have the town vote in his favor.

Pippi is locked in a coffin in an underground tomb. Upon being rescued, Pippi may give Ninten a Franklin Badge if two questions are answered correctly (if not, the Franklin Badge can still be received if she is spoken to in her home). Pippi then joins Ninten's party as a playable character, and the two return to Podunk. When the two arrive at Podunk's City Hall, Mr. Mayor, eager for his name to be in the headlines as a hero, bribes Ninten with money and the key to the City Zoo. The police to the north-east of Podunk will only let Ninten pass by them if the Starman Junior making the Zoo's animals run wild has been defeated.


  • The equivalent of Podunk in EarthBound is said to be Onett. Both towns are the starting point of the protagonist's adventures, and feature a similar appearance.
  • Podunk's name likely comes from the word's definition as a place in the middle of nowhere.
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