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"Paula and her friends' calls touched the heart of ******. P*a*** prayed for the kids, having never even met them before. *layer kept praying. Pl*yer kept praying. Player kept praying."
— About the Player

The Player is a re-occurring character and the very person playing the game, referenced throughout the Mother series. The Player is thanked by name for playing at the end of the credits. The player could even be you.


In EarthBound Beginnings[]

When Ninten uses the phone at a healer's house in Snowman his father will ask for the Player's name. Lloyd's father, who can be found in a garbage bin in the swamp will also ask for their name. At the end of the credits Ninten, Ana, and Lloyd face the Player.

In EarthBound[]

Tony call the Player in the phone and asking them to take care of Jeff Andonuts.

Giygas is too powerful for Ness and his friends to overcome by fighting, Paula begins to pray, reaching out to the inhabitants of the Earth, including family members and friends, who all pray for their safety, and eventually, she reaches out to the Player. The combined prayers of both Earth's inhabitants and the Player reach Giygas and exploit his weakness, which turns out to be human emotions.

In Mother 3[]

"What's the world there like? It looks like things will work out here, but what about your world? Will it be alright? Hey, other world. Be good to Player!"
— To the Player

When the "END...?" text appears after the needle is pulled, if the Player uses the D-Pad at this point, the "END...?" text will move away, and, regardless of how they push the D-Pad, the Player them self will walk around the dark screen. By doing this, they are able to interact with the game's characters, whose fates are left ambiguous.

Along the way, the Player finds the doorknob that Thomas pulled off of Flint's front door back in Chapter 1, and tucks it away. An object implied to be the Absolutely Safe Capsule is among the party, wobbling "with glee." Several of the characters in the area also express joy and relief that the Player survived the apocalypse, and a character implied to be Lucas bids the Player farewell, hoping that they will meet again.


•The player is one of the few re-occurring characters to appear in all 3 Mother games.