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"A Pigmask quite content being major. His monthly salary is a meager 1400 DP."
Battle Memory

The Pigmask Major is an enemy in Mother 3. They sport green uniforms, and are the second highest ranking ordinary Pigmask in the Pigmask Army, and they are often seen with the Masked Man.

Pigmasks Majors are fought during the Saturn Valley invasion and the attack on Chupichupyoi Temple. One is found in the Empire Porky Building's Restroom Level, near a present with a Red Collar.


Like most Pigmask enemies, they can fire beams and perform bum rush attacks. Majors can also utilize a series of joint strikes that may cause numbness, as well as a sticky time bomb that explodes a turn later for moderate damage to a single target. The ones faced in Chapter 7 can additionally call for help, or run away while throwing a bomb that damages the entire party. Their battle theme is More Audacious March.

Pigmask Majors are weak against PK Freeze, and occasionally drop Hot Dog Sushi when defeated.


  • In the Japanese version, the Pigmask Major is called the "Pigmask Lieutenant Colonel". Confusingly, the Pigmask Captain's Japanese name means "Pigmask Major".
  • Its battle sound is Battle Sound 19 which falls under Code Numbers 493 for regular attack, 494 for Smaaaash! and 495 for Miss.