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"A Pigmask who fears demotion to major. His monthly salary is a meager 2000 DP."
— Battle Memory

The Pigmask Colonel is an enemy in Mother 3. It is the highest ranking non-boss Pigmask in the Pigmask Army. One is found accompaning the Masked Man during the pulling of the needles, and more are found on the lab floor of the Empire Porky Building. They sport white uniforms with a cape. They are weak against PK Freeze but resistant to fire and thunder. Curiously, they are also quite resistant against DCMC goods, unlike average Pigmasks and the Fierce Pork Trooper.

Pigmask Colonels drop a rare piece of equipment for Lucas called the Awesome Cloak 3% of the time. They share their theme with the Fierce Pork Trooper.

According to the description of them in the Battle Memory, Pigmask Colonels are very content with the pay they recieve.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 39 which falls under Code Numbers 876 for regular attack, 877 for Smaaaash! and 878 for Miss.

Pigmask Colonels also always correctly answer the four trivia cards in Mother 3.


  • The Pigmask Colonel's battle sprite looks very much like the battle sprite of N-Dude from Brownie Brown's "Project B", which was a flash game they hosted on their website in 2005 to tease the fact that they were developing MOTHER 3.

    A screenshot of Project B. The N-Dude is in a very similar pose to the Pigmask Colonel in MOTHER 3.