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Phrygia, according to herself, is the Sleeping Magypsy of Fire Mountain. He assumes that she would be asleep when Lucas arrives, so he wrote a letter and put a sign post on it for Lucas and the group to read.

Phrygia's Needle[]

Phrygia doesn't mind if you pull the needle while she is sleeping, he is the sleeping Magypsy anyways.

His needle is north of her house, guarded by rocks and boulders, to which you have to give Encouraging Words. As well as giant boulders, his needle is also guarded by enemies like the Sky Titany and Mrs. Lava. When you reach the needle inside the lake of Lava, you will start to hear King P.'s theme and Fassad will come back for revenge and to try to stop you from pulling the needle.


According to herself, he is more serious and detail-oriented out of all the other Magypsies. She shows his "detail-orientedness" when she gives you specific tasks and a neatly written notebook telling you where all the needles are located at.

When he ends a letter, she says goodbye with "Smoochie Smoochie♥". He has also met the Mr. Saturns before, as a Mr. Saturn tells you.


She has short pink hair, partly covered by an orange cap. He wears an orange dress to match it. She also has a very large nose, as seen on a side view, as well.

Happy Ending[]

After pulling Phrygia's Needle, she comes clapping. The first time you actually see him in the game, not relaxing on the bed.

She thought he would be asleep when the needle was pulled, but she saw it. He tells you where the rest of the needles are located, and lastly gives you a notebook.

He asks you not to forget her, so he gives you her memento, a razor and lipstick. He tells you to take good care of them. And like Lydia, she holds out his hands, as if hugging, and disappears. When she does disappear, you can still hear his voice, saying that she will appear in Lucas' dreams more often, and giggles, then says goodbye. The same message appears in his house, on the sign.