"I'm feeling really out of it because I've been working all night, but finally the Pencil Eraser is ready. This machine will eradicate all pencil-shaped figures in just one second. It's incredibly powerful. Just don't use it near a shop that sells pencils."
Apple Kid

The Pencil Eraser (タコけしマシン) is an item in EarthBound and Mother 3 that erases Iron Pencils that are blocking the way. However, it is referred to as the Octopus Erasing Machine in the Japanese versions of both games, as it erases Iron Octopus statues.

In EarthBound, the device is invented by the Twoson-based inventor Apple Kid and is finished and obtainable after Ness first encounters an Iron Pencil in Peaceful Rest Valley. It is interesting to note that if it used on the Evil Mani Mani, the text asks, "How could you possibly think that looked like a pencil?".

In Mother 3, Lucas and friends can acquire the Pencil Eraser from a Gift Box in the Hall of Memories floor of the Empire Porky Building in New Pork City. It can be used on the Iron Pencil found right beside the box, but serves no other purpose.

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