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PK Beam (PKビーム PK Bīmu) is a PSI ability that appears in EarthBound Beginnings (and its port Mother 1 + 2). It is learned by Ana and is also used by various enemies such as Starmen and Barbots. PK Beam (γ in particular) was combined with the effect of Darkness to be replaced with PK Flash in both EarthBound and Mother 3.

PK Beam α and β deal damage to a single target, while Ω deals damage to all enemies. With a maximum damage output of 210, PK Beam Ω is the strongest damage-dealing PSI attack in EarthBound Beginnings that isn't an automatic KO.

γ destroys a single enemy in one hit regardless of how much HP they have, though bosses and most mechanical enemies are immune to it. When used by an enemy to the party, it is reflected back by the Franklin Badge if the enemy had targeted a party member that has a Franklin Badge in their inventory. γ is not reflected by PowerShield. In EarthBound and Mother 3, the Franklin Badge reflects PK Thunder instead.

Unlike PK Fire, PK Freeze, and PK Thunder, PK Beam isn't attached to a specific element, and therefore no pendant exists that provides resistance against it, not even the Sea Pendant. Despite this, mechanical foes tend to have a resistance to PK Beam; taking half damage from it.

Lloyd's Laser Beam and Plasma Beam items have the same effect as PK Beam α and β respectively.

In EarthBound Begininngs[]

Level Users PP Cost Target Effect Comments Description
α Ana 4 To one enemy Deals 28 - 32 damage Damages one enemy (Learned at level 5) Damages one enemy for 28 - 32 damage.
β Ana 7 To one enemy Deals 70 - 85 damage Damages one enemy (Learned at level 11) Damages one enemy for 70 - 85 damage.
γ Ana 12 To one enemy Instantly destroys Instantly destroys one enemy (Learned at level 25) Instantly destroys one enemy if it hits.

(Can be reflected by Franklin Badge when used by enemies)

Ω Ana 24 To all enemies Deals 100 - 210 damage Damages all enemies (Learned at level 33) Damages all enemies for 100 - 210 damage each.


  • PK Beam is the only offensive PSI which has not returned in a future installment of the series.
  • PK Beam has the exact opposite effect as its respective level of Lifeup, except for Lifeup Ω.
  • Because PK Beam has not been learnable since MOTHER, the Franklin Badge was changed to reflect PK Thunder in future installments
  • The Starman Assist Trophy in the Super Smash Bros. series uses PK Beam γ and PK Beam Ω as its attacks according to hint text, though the former does not instantly KO targets.