"Is the long part its trunk or its neck? How does it bathe itself? An utterly mysterious Chimera."
Battle Memory

Ostrelephants are enemies in Mother 3. As their name suggests, they are chimeras with the legs and head of an ostrich, and the head of an elephant as a body.

They are found in Murasaki Forest, and are seen outside the Chimera Lab. Inside, an Ostrelephant skeleton can be seen on display, along with many other chimera skeletons.


Ostrelephants can charge foes and peck them repeatedly. Despite occasionally wasting a turn swinging its ears, it is still a major annoyance, especially against smaller parties. Use its weakness to PK Fire and superior numbers to gain the advantage.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 19 which falls under Code Numbers 493 for regular attack, 494 for Smaaaash! and 495 for Miss.

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