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Osohe Dance Doors

The three doors that can be opened by the Osohe Dance

Osohe Dance Sign

One of the signs depicting the Osohe Dance

"...Duster. This is embarrassing. Turn the other way. Don't look, now! I'm not going to stick my butt out or anything like that, though."

The Osohe Dance (sometimes referred to as the Wess Dance by fans) is a dance used in Mother 3 used to open three doors throughout the game. The first two are in second floor and basement of the Osohe Castle respectively, and the final door appears in the Murasaki Forest, preventing access to Doria's house. The two in Osohe Castle appear as a giant face with a mouth that opens, while the Murasaki Forest door simply slides into the ground after a successful performance of the dance. The only two characters seen performing this dance are Wess and Salsa, the latter having to learn all three parts of the dance by studying the symbols on the wall; Wess reveals that Kumatora has the ability to perform the dance. (Duster was taught by Wess when he was a child as well.) Both are never seen doing so.

Before Wess does the Osohe Dance, the song Open Sesame Oil! plays, which becomes Open Sesame Tofu! as the dance begins. Similarly, Salsa has Dance! play before he begins and Laugh! Be Happy! during the dance, but he has a third track called What Happened?! that plays instead if Salsa does the dance incorrectly, resulting in Fassad berating and promptly shocking him at the door in the Osohe Castle basement. Wess only opens the door in the second floor of Osohe Castle; Salsa opens the other two.



Wess Performing the Osohe Dance


Salsa Performing the Osohe Dance