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Osohe Castle (オソヘじょう, Osohe Castle) is a location in Mother 3. Prior to the events of the game, the castle was home to King Osohe and Queen Senaka, who watched over one of the Magypsies' seven Needles, which rests in the castle courtyard. By the time Mother 3 takes place, it's in a state of ruin and had since become a haven for ghosts.

Duster is sent to Osohe Castle by his father Wess to recover the Hummingbird Egg, although he deliberately refrains from indicating what Duster is being sent to retrieve. When Duster returns home with the Noble Spitoon, Wess scolds him and orders him to return to the castle, this time accompanying the somewhat inexperienced thief on his task. During this venture in the castle, the then-obscure Pigmask Army are discovered to have locked down the zone in their search for the Hummingbird Egg, resulting in Duster and Wess being confronted by numerous Pigmasks, as well as one of their Claymen. It is at this time that the thieves encounter Kumatora, who Wess reveals was formerly the princess of Osohe.


Regular Enemies[]



  • The outer walls of the castle are adorned with banners displaying the Fleur de Lis, which may be the Osohe Coat-of-Arms.
  • The king and queen of Osohe Castle were named King Osohe and Queen Senaka.
  • Osohe Castle's appearance changed quite a bit during MOTHER 3's development.
  • It can be presumed that the portrait found that, until the arrival of the Pigmask Army, stares at whatever direction the character is, is a picture of Queen Senaka.

    A portrait of a woman

  • The theme music for Osohe Castle is similar to that of the Chimera Laboratory.
  • At the bottom of the area outside of Osohe Castle, there are 4 Magypsies that never normally appear. If you talk to them somehow, they're revealed to be debug warps to various points throughout Chapter 7. You can easily access to them in version 1.3 of the Mother 3 Fan Translation by talking to a new frog NPC in the Debug Room and selecting "Warp to Debug Magypsies."