Police Force

The Onett Police Force is responsible for the well-being of the townsfolk of Onett in EarthBound. They are quite condescending and will patronize Ness. They are also shown as being rather ineffectual, as at the start of the game, the streets are laden with hoodlums.

As the game begins, the officers have set up a ridiculous number of roadblocks following the meteor landing, with one even quipping that they were "going for the world record". The roadblocks seem short-lived, however, as several leading to the meteor are abandoned just a few hours later. Later in Onett, their leader, Captain Strong, orders five of his best officers on the force to punish Ness for "trespassing" in the Traveling Entertainer's Shack despite the town's mayor, B.H. Pirkle, condoning Ness to do so. All of them (except one who flees) are defeated. Strong, standing in for the fifth officer who had fled, is also defeated by Ness. Following this, Strong opens the road to Twoson.