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"Replenishes even more energy than the Atomic Power Robot, but its explosion is all the more powerful, too."
Battle Memory (Mother 3)

The Nuclear Reactor Robot (スーパーエナジーロボ, Super Energy Robo) is an enemy that appears in EarthBound and Mother 3, in The Cave of the Past on the first, and in the Laboratory Level of the Empire Porky Building on the latter. It is an upgraded version of the Atomic Power Robot.



Groups with[]


  • Replenished a fuel supply - The Nuclear Reactor Robot fully heals itself or one of the enemies.
  • Fires a beam - The Nuclear Reactor Robot fires a beam dealing damage to one party member.


  • They explode upon being defeated, dealing damage to the party, so taking them down last during a battle is recommended.
    • Pressing A after it explodes to skip the dialogue faster also helps, since this will make the battle end sooner and will avoid that the party takes further damage.
  • Poo's Mirror ability can be used to copy the Nuclear Reactor Robot's healing behavior. This will completely restore a randomly-selected party member's HP with no PP cost.

Mother 3[]

If the player turns the Robot around by either encountering it from behind or using items (like Duster's Siren Beetle or a Made-You-Look), and then follows up with a physical attack, the robot's explosive device will be destroyed, preventing it from exploding on defeat.

Related Enemies[]


  • Their form in Mother 3 differs from that of EarthBound, suggesting a new version was made since the last game.
  • In Mother 3, its battle sound is Battle Sound 59, a battle sound used only by mushrooms and exploding robots, which falls under Code Numbers 936 for regular attack, 937 for Smaaaash! and 938 for Miss. Like the Atomic Power Robot, Kumatora's Brainshock is required to get it to use its battle sound as it never uses a battle sound inducing regular attack on its own.