Nowhere Islands Map

A map of the Nowhere Islands

Nowhere Islands
The Nowhere Islands (ノーウェアとう), also introduced as MOTHER3 world (「MOTHER3」の世界), is the setting of Mother 3. The western region of the main island is home to Tazmily Village, while the eastern region, along with Tanetane Island, remains unexplored by the residents of Tazmily until the arrival of the Pigmask Army. It is home to the towns of Tazmily Village and Saturn Valley. Other regions include Sunshine Forest, Mt. Oriander, Drago Plateau, Osohe Castle, Death Desert, Murasaki Forest, Fire Mountain, Snowcap Mountain and Tanetane Island. According to Leder's speech, the Nowhere Islands is where Porky appeared after he was shut out from all other times and spaces, and he views the islands as a giant "toy box" where he can do what he wants. Leder also explains that the Nowhere Islands are special because it is the only place where people would be safe from The End of the World and also because it is the last remaining place on Earth not destroyed, because of the Dark Dragon sleeping underneath the islands, held in a state of slumber by the seven Needles. The shape
Nowhere island map
of the island also resembles the shape of a sleeping dragon, with its head forming the shape of Tanetane Island.


  • New Pork City doesn't appear on the map, and as you fly to it and don't leave there is no real indication of its location. However, the descriptions of the Needles suggest that it must be on the far right side of the islands, past Snowcap and Fire Mountains, as the Needle under the city is said to be in the Dark Dragon's head.