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"A few swats will quiet this buzzing annoyance."
EarthBound Beginnings

No Good Fly is an enemy that appears in Earthbound. They are first encountered by Ness and Paula in Southern Threed and the Threed Cemetery during the zombie infestation. These enemies have yellow skin & black stripes with antennae and four wings. They can be fought along with other No Good Flies, Smelly Ghosts, Putrid Moldymen and Zombie Dogs. Their battle theme is "Battle Against a Mobile Opponent"


  • Bash - The No Good Fly bashes a foe, dealing low-level damage to one party member.
  • Say something nasty - The No Good Fly says something nasty, lowering the guts of a random party member.

No Good Flies are vulnerable to PSI Fire, PSI Freeze, Paralysis and the Insecticide Spray.


No Good Flies seem to be responsibles of producing Fly Honey for Master Belch, it is unknown if the No Good Flies are being forced to do this against their own will, but it is likely, as they leave the town after Master Belch is defeated.


  • Despite that No Good Fly is a fly, it resembles a bee, due to it's Yellow & Black colors. However, it could be based on Hoverflies.