Ness's Mother is a character in EarthBound. She is the mother of Ness and Tracy and the wife of Ness's Father. Because her neighbor Aloysius Minch allegedly loaned a large sum of money to Ness's father and was never repaid, Aloysius and Lardna Minch seem to hold a grudge against Ness's father and his family for this reason alone. She also makes steak for Pokey Minch despite him disliking it, while saying "T-O-O BAD!" much to his chagrin, which possibly indicates the grudge is mutual.

When Ness goes to his house and speaks with his mother, she will feed him steak to let the party recover their HP. Despite this, she cannot cure unconsciousness, likely due to the fact that Ness appears as a ghost when he is unconscious.

Ness must call his mother regularly, otherwise he becomes homesick. If Ness calls her when he is not homesick, she will tell him various things, such as lecturing him on good health before realizing that the omlette she was making might be on fire, that he is a brave kid, or that she covered for Ness when his teacher stopped by but she has to hang up because her soap opera is getting to a really steamy part.

Her equivalent in EarthBound's prequel, EarthBound Beginnings, is said to be Ninten's mother. She and Ness's mother both look similar and share the same role in the games. Her equivalent in EarthBound's sequel, Mother 3, is said to be Hinawa. Despite the difference in their appearance and roles in their respective games, they both are mothers to their game's main protagonists.

She has an unused sprite where she is sitting down and facing east: it is unknown at what point in the game or where in their house this would have been used.


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When Mother was being translated for EarthBound Zero (and later for the release of Mother 1 + 2), the year the game takes place in was retroactively changed from 1988 to the early 1980s. This makes it possible that Ness's mother could be Ana, as the new dates given make it conceivable for Ana to have a 13-year-old child in 199X. Also, her clay model can be seen holding a Frying pan, Ana's weapon of choice. Additionally, the theme that plays if Ness returns home after the introduction is a rendition of Ana's theme, Pollyanna, perhaps suggesting that Ness's home is Ana's home. Furthermore, Ness's mother does not seem to think it very unusual that her son has to go on an adventure to possibly save the world and shows nothing but support by making excuses to Ness's schoolteachers and by curing Ness's homesickness. It is not difficult to believe that this may be due to her own experience with such an adventure as Ana.

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