"Patrols the bottom of the Sea and receives an extra 4 DP an hour because of the danger involved."
Battle Memory

Unused sprite of Navy SQUEAL

The Navy SQUEALS are enemies in Mother 3. They are the underwater division of the Pigmask Army. They patrol the seas leading from Tazmily Village to Tanetane Island. They often attack by firing their gun. Sometimes, in the middle of battle, Navy SQUEALS decide it's time to go on a paid vacation, and leave. Their battle theme is Toppling March.

When Lucas and co. first step into the waters, two Navy SQUEALs are seen using Oxygen Machines underwater; one even seems to like it, deeply disturbing the other.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 50 which falls under Code Numbers 909 for regular attack, 910 for Smaaaash! and 911 for Miss. However, since it only uses attacks that don't use its battle sound, using Kumatora's Brainshock is required to hear its battle sound.


  • Their name is a wordplay on the Navy SEALs.
  • There is an unused Navy SQUEAL sprite in the game which sports yellow and brown colors.
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