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"Hello... and you are...? Say, have you ever suffered from some type of sickness or condition that you couldn't get cured at a hospital? For example, being "Diamondized," where your head gets as hard as a diamond... Or... "Mushroomized," where you have a mushroom on your head... If you're ever stuck with these types of embarrassing conditions, we of the magic healing shrine are here to ease your pain. We're ready and waiting... in the lobby of hospitals all over the world. The person next to me is the great teacher of magic healing."
— Healer's assistant (EarthBound)

Mushroomized (also known as Mashroomized, most likely a misspelling of the word Mushroomized) is a status ailment in EarthBound, with a unique variation occurring in Mother 3.  The effects can be felt both in and outside of battle.

In EarthBound[]

Mushroomization is a status condition caused by mushroom enemies such as the Ramblin' Evil Mushroom. Sometimes in the overworld, the mushrooms cause the controls to go between sets, but very odd controls, and the normal controls when walking around. Since the odd positions are set, it may take a while, but you could get used to them. It also makes a mushroom appear on the head of any character the player controls who is inflicted.

While in-battle, if the prompt "[character name] is feeling funky!" appears after you select your move, but before the move is carried out, the effects may take place. It may cause a character to attack a/multiple party member(s) (Normal attacks or PSI), heal an enemy, or use moves like Pray on a different enemy than intended, or on a character you control (If you, for example, try Lifeup α on Ness, if the "Ness is feeling funky!" dialogue appears, it could be used on an enemy instead). Sometimes when an inflicted party member attacks an enemy using PSI, the enemy will get mushroomized.

To remove the mushrooms and its effects, go to any hospital and talk to the blue-haired healer in the hospital who will buy the mushroom off your head for $50 for each party member that has a mushroom. There is also a girl foraging for mushrooms in Peaceful Rest Valley who will offer the same price for the mushrooms. In addition, the hot springs in Saturn Valley can also remove the mushrooms. PSI abilities cannot remove mushrooms.

In Mother 3[]

The Mushroom effect in Mother 3 is shared with the strangeness status ailment, which can be inflicted upon the party members by mushroom-based enemies such as the Ramblin' Mushroom, in addition to others.  They have a similar to EarthBound's version, although no mushrooms can be seen on their head, as non-mushroom enemies can inflict it as well. The effect out of battle only reverses the controls instead of switching between four sets of controls, and it ends after a very short period of time.

There is also another type of "mushroomization" in Mother 3 that does not appear in the other two games.  On Tanetane Island, Lucas and co. eat some Hallucination Mushrooms which cause the party to, as their name implies, hallucinate insanely despite them fully healing the party.  This is vital to the story and is unavoidable; again, PSI abilities cannot affect this.  This effect ends when Mixolydia smacks the party over the head with a piece of wood.

In Super Smash Bros.[]

The Ramblin' evil mushroom appears as an item in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It works just like it does the in Earthbound, but only in two directions as Smash Ultimate is a 2D game.