Mr. Mayor (ちょうちょうさん), alternatively A. Goodman (A•グッドマン) in Encyclopedia MOTHER or the Town Mayor in Earth Bound, is a character in EarthBound Beginnings. He is the mayor of the rural town of Podunk, and is preparing for re-elections when Podunk resident Pippi goes missing. To make himself out to be a hero and have the town vote in his favor, he enlists the help of Ninten to rescue Pippi from the local cemetery. After she is rescued, he asks Ninten to solve the Zoo case and has his assistant Abbott give Ninten an endless supply of zoo keys


  • When seen from the back or side, it looks as if he has a face on the back of his head.
    • This could be an unintentional reference to the Mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas, who has two faces.
  • He is the first of a continuing chain of untrustworthy and corrupt hometown mayors, the second being EarthBound's B.H. Pirkle, and the third being Mother 3's Mayor Pusher.
  • If the player goes back and talks to the mayor after defeating Starman Junior he will tell Ninten that he has tiger droppings on his clothes and then tell him he was joking and that Ninten needs to run along.
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