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"Mook Seniors are one of the few carbon based creatures that inhabit the alien Stonehedge Base. Use Hypnosis or PSI Fire to neutralize this adversary."
EarthBound Player's Guide

Mook Seniors are enemies in EarthBound that can be found in Stonehenge Base. They are a stronger version of the Lesser Mook and the Department Store Spook, but with less HP than the latter due to being a regular enemy. Their battle theme is Battle Against a Machine.



Mook Senior, as other Mooks, looks a bit like an octopus. They have a dark orange body with nine tentacles, of which two they seem to use as hands, a round head with a big smile and a eye, and two antennae that end in two more brown eyes.


After discovering that Apple Kid was kidnapped, Ness and friends go back to Winters. There, they recieve the Eraser Eraser from Apple Kid's Mouse and are able to enter Stonehedge Base, where Mook Seniors and other enemies can be found.

After defeating the Starman Deluxe, Mook Seniors retreat from the base along with the other Giygas' minions.


Groups with[]


  • PK Fire alpha - The Mook Senior tries PK Fire Alpha, inflicting about 80 hit points of damage to all the party members.
  • PK Freeze beta - The Mook Senior tries PK Freeze Beta, inflicting about 360 points of damage to one party member, Paula is resistant to this attack.
  • Lifeup alpha - The Mook Senior tries Lifeup Alpha, recovering about 100 hit points of health.
  • Glare with eerie eyes - The Mook Senior glares with its eerie eyes, diamondizing one party member.


  • Mook Seniors are weak to PK Fire, Hypnosis and somewhat susceptible to PK Flash.
  • At this point in the game, it might be possible to Ness and co. instant win the fight if they approach a single Mook Senior from behind.


  • It can be deducted from their names that Mook Seniors have a higher role in the Giygas' minions hierarchy, while Lesser Mooks seem to be among the low ranks.
    • Their name may also suggest that Mooks go through some kind of training or study in order to stop the party, with Mook Seniors being more advanced in this training than Lesser Mooks.
  • There is one unused enemy group in the game's files where Mook Seniors could appear along with Lesser Mooks in battle, it deductedly was going to be used in Dungeon Man, as Lesser Mooks would be too weak in the Stonehenge Base.