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"You've met other moles while wandering in the caves, but you've never seen one this big or brutal. Use Psi power to both attack and heal, and try to keep Paula in the pink until the end of the skirmish. It might take a couple tries to topple him."
EarthBound Player's Guide

Mondo Mole is a boss in EarthBound that guards the second Your Sanctuary location, Lilliput Steps. It appears to be an oversized Mole Playing Rough or alternately colored Guardian Digger, with what may be blood trickling down its mouth and claws.

Defeating Mondo Mole is not required to advance the story to Threed, however you must eventually defeat it to gain access to Lilliput Steps and the second melody.


Text Displayed Power PP Possible Effects
Lifeup α N/A 5 Heals 75-125 Hit Points
Offense Up α N/A 10 Raises offense
PSI Shield α N/A 8 Halves PSI damage taken
Attacking Low N/A Damages one target
Tore into you High N/A Damages one target
Clawed with his sharp nails High N/A Damages one target


Mondo Mole takes half damage from PSI Fire and quarter damage from PSI Freeze. If you have PSI Thunder by this point, it might be worth the low accuracy to use it. Paralysis is very effective against him, not just because he's vulnerable to it, but also because his only attacking moves are physical.


  • If it's fought during the enemies-less world following the first concert of the Runaway Five and before leaving for Threed, the game will SoftLock if you win or lose.