"If there's a turn, turn. Even if you don't want to. Do that, and you'll eventually reach the other end of this mole cricket hole. Have faith in yourself, and proceed NOT straight ahead! Time for another song! ♪ It's a twisty, turny road ♪ ♪ but it's not the path I chose ♪ ♪ But don't complain, just grin and bear it ♪ ♪ as you go down that twisty, turny road ♪ ♪ It's not the path I chose ♪ ♪ Who did choose it, I wonder ♪"
— A Mole Cricket

The Mole Cricket Hole is the home of all Mole Crickets in Mother 3, including the Mole Cricket Elder. It is a vast underground maze-like area. Lucas and co. fight the Mole Cricket for the second time here, and he is the only enemy in the entire hole. The mole cricket has to widen the hole for Lucas and his friends to travel through, and its two entrances are near the river east of the Chimera Laboratory and Snowcap Mountain.

There is a mole cricket vendor that sells only Sincerity Dumplings. This is the first chance to buy them, and they are very good healing items for their price.

Although a map can be obtained from one of the mole crickets near the beginning, it is useless for transversing the maze; it does not show each level of the area as a separate section, but instead they are all overlaid as if the hole was only one level. The mole cricket that hands it to Lucas even states that it is "incredibly accurate but completely useless". To get through the hole, Lucas and friends have to heed another mole cricket's advice: "Turn where there is a turn, even if you don't want to". In other words, every single intersection in the mole cricket hole is a 3-way intersection, and Lucas must take the path that involves a turn to navigate the maze. The player is given a Mole Cricket Brother to teleport to the beginning in case they become lost.