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"The Mobile Sprouts spring up suddenly, and they can grow new sprouts to help them in battle. They often attack in pesky packs."
EarthBound Player's Guide

Mobile Sprouts (あるくめ) are plant enemies in EarthBound. They look like green sprouts with two leaves and two small feet. They are first encountered by Ness in the path between Onett and Twoson, and later in the tunnel to Peaceful Rest Valley. A stronger variant is encountered later in the game, called the Tough Mobile Sprout.


Their battle theme is Battle Against a Weird Opponent.

Groups with[]


  • Is attacking - The Mobile Sprout attacks a party member.
  • Sowed some seeds around itself - The Mobile Spout makes another Mobile Sprout appear.
  • Tried PSI Magnet α - The Mobile Sprout uses PSI Magnet α, stealing a party member's PP.
  • Tried Lifeup α - The Mobile Sprout uses Lifeup α, maxing its HP.