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"When you wake Mighty Bears from their hibernation, they're very grouchy. The'll chase you down and maul you, if given half a chance."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Mighty Bear is an enemy located in Earthbound. These enemies look like brown grizzly bears, with a pose that comes off as kindhearted and harmless. They are first encountered by Ness in the second Your Sanctuary Dungeon, next to Happy Happy Village. These are relatively giant foes with high HP and have a very good offense and defense. However, they are quite slow foes, and they can pair up with Moles Playing Rough.

Tactics & Counters[]

Their attacks can deal mortal damage to Ness and his party. Attacks like, "claw with one's sharp nails" as well as "use a biting attack" are relatively high level, and it will be very high to extreme damage. These can be avoided if Ness and co. have high guts, or through the use of Shield α (or Σ, if there are 2 or more party members). Another note is that their standard attack can deal moderate damage. It is best, in the case of multiple opponents, if this enemy is defeated first, due to its relative level of challenge. Vulnerable to PSI Fire and PSI Freeze.

These enemies reward Ness and co. with 305 EXP, drops $49, and, awkwardly enough, a teddy bear at a chance of 2/128.


  • Their in-battle theme is "Battle Against a Weird Opponent."
  • Stronger than the Mighty Bear is the Mighty Bear Seven.
  • In the Monotoli Building office in Fourside, there is a Mighty Bear statue that, if pushed in front of the door, opens a doorway to the helipad.