The meteorite in northern Onett. Note the two other craters and the barricades left behind by the Onett police force.

The Meteorite is the object that falls in northern Onett at the beginning of EarthBound, waking Pokey, Picky, Ness, Tracy, Ness's Mother and King up and disturbing the Onett Police Force into investigating and making roadblocks. Ness attempted to go see what happened, but Pokey and the police prevented Ness from continuing any closer. However, Picky got past the police force and had a nap near the meteorite, forcing Ness, Pokey and King to go find him. This makes Buzz Buzz appear from the meteorite and join Ness after telling him about Giygas.

Later in the game, Ness and friends have to revisit the meteorite when Onett is under siege by monsters. This is to get the rare element Zexonyte for Dr. Andonuts and Apple Kid to make the Phase Distorter 2 work.

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