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Merrysville (Japanese: サンクスギビン Thanksgiving) is a town in EarthBound Beginnings, and is the town that Lloyd resides in. Twinkle Elementary School, in the southern area of town is Lloyd's school which is where Ninten first meets him. Merrysville has two factories; Sweet Little Factory, which is located to the south, and Duncan's Factory, which is a much larger factory located to the north. Union Station, a train network north of town connecting Merrysville to Reindeer, Spookane, Snowman, and Youngtown is also located here. Finally, to the west lies Podunk.

Ninten first arrives at Merrysville right after his first visit to Magicant, via an XX stone cave to the south past Sweet Little Factory.

Notable Residents[]

  • Lloyd
  • The Janitor
  • Goldrich Duncan (not seen)


  • Merrysville may or my not be named after Marysville, Washington.
  • Merrysville may be Twoson's EarthBound Beginnings counterpart considering that they are both the second town visited (not to mention that the railroad track in Merrysville is similar to the road south of Twoson and both have the same use). Additionally, each town is where the second party member of each game reside.
  • Curiously, the game makes no mention of whether or not Lloyd actually has a home in Merrysville beyond attending Twinkle Elementary, and does not make any mention of his parents until his father shows up without explanation in the Swamp. The novelization however provides the explanation that his mother is very sick, so his father went to the swamp to find a rare flower that will cure her illness.