Maxwell Labs is a senior student of the Snow Wood Boarding School in Winters, Foggyland. He makes his supporting appearance in EarthBound by helping Jeff throughout Winters. His sprite is the same as the Unassuming Local Guy's sprite.

Maxwell helps Jeff both in and out of school. He has invented the Bad Key Machine, a prototype that opens locked doors and lockers. This is a replacement for the ineffective Bent Key, which Jeff had attempted to use in the locker room. After this is accomplished, Maxwell explains to Jeff that he has the capability to fix broken gadgets overnight. However, this requires an appropriate IQ level, a place where he can stay for the night, and patience.

Just like Ness's Father, Maxwell also has the ability to save game progress for Jeff. He gives a brief explanation on how to use phones and how they save Jeff's progress. Once Jeff joins Ness's party or leaves Winters to go to Threed, Maxwell stops saving the game for Jeff, since it's now the responsibility of Ness's father.

When Tony is among the people kidnapped and taken to the Stonehenge Base, Maxwell Labs can be seen wandering outside Snow Wood Boarding School looking for Tony. He can later be seen when Paula is praying for help during the fight against Giygas: Tony drags him to a group of students so that they could pray for the safety of Jeff and his friends.


  • Maxwell's English name may be a reference to James Clerk Maxwell, a Scottish physicist; his Japanese name, Gauss, may be a reference to Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German physicist and mathematician.
    • Supporting this idea, the first equation of James Clerk Maxwell's four equations about electromagnetism is often known as Gauss's law.
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