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"What's going to happen next: speeding, reckless driving, or...?"
— In-battle Check

ManiacTrucks (Death Trucks in Mother) are enemies encountered in EarthBound Beginnings. They are improved versions of PsychoTrucks and Mad Trucks. They are encountered in Reindeer and Merrysville and they are usually one of the more difficult enemies located there.


They have the ability to generate gas, which can inflict Asthma on Ninten. If Lloyd is accompanying Ninten at an early level, it is not recommended to fight against Death Trucks unless Ninten is at a high enough level to protect Lloyd quickly and successfully. Its battle theme is Hippie Battle.


  • Attack - The ManiacTruck attacks a party member, dealing moderate damage.
  • Ran out of control - The ManiacTruck runs over a party member, dealing moderate damage.


  • Unlike PsychoTrucks, it is still possible to hypnotize them.