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"This psycho can singe the roots of your hair with his powerful Omega strength Fire and his PSI Shield keeps him safe from Freeze. Try Brain Shock instead."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Major Psychic Psycho is an enemy in EarthBound. They are encountered in the Fire Spring. They are a stronger version of the Psychic Psycho, only using PSI attacks. They may rarely drop a Star Pendant when defeated.



Like the Psychic Psychos, the Major Psychic Psychos resemble a human with a purple suit made of fire and an HMD-like device over its head.


Groups with[]


  • PSI Shield Ω - The Major Psychic Psycho tries PSI Shield Ω, protecting all the enemies with a psychic shield.
  • Paralysis α - The Major Psychic Psycho tries Paralysis α.
  • PSI Fire β /γ - The Major Psychic Psycho tries PK Fire β or γ, dealing damage to all party members. Ness and Paula are more resistant to this attack.


  • Major Psychic Psychos often appear with other dangerous enemies such as the Soul Consuming Flames, increasing the difficulty of the encounters.
  • Their PSI Fire attacks can deal a good amount of damage to the party, so it's recommendable to put on PSI Shields.
  • They can protect themselves and other enemies with PSI Shield Ω to deflect PSI attacks back at the party.