For Magicant as it appears in EarthBound Beginnings, see Magicant (EarthBound Beginnings).
"Ness, you've stood on the eight power spots of the earth. From these, you created Magicant, the realm of your mind. In Magicant, there's beauty, kindness, sorrow, and hatred. Of course, there's an evil and violent side of you. The Sea of Eden sits at the center of those feelings. It takes you to the truth about yourself."
Star Master (in Ness's Magicant)

Magicant (マジカント, Magicant), also known as Your World, is a location in EarthBound. It is entered after gaining all the parts of Eight Melodies, and is entered by Ness alone. There, all memories breathe life, as Ness encounters family members, his past selves, defeated enemies (Everdred for example), and even snowmen long melted. The only way to exit from Magicant is by entering the Sea of Eden, Ness's subconscious, and defeating Ness's Nightmare, the essence of evil in Ness himself and has all of Ness's abilities. Its defeat allows Ness's subconscious to talk to him and let him absorb Magicant and to awaken his true strength, prompting a massive power boost.

In Mother 2, Ness is nude while in Magicant, as nudity is a symbol of purity in Japan. In EarthBound, however, Ness wears pajamas during his time in Magicant, due to nudity being considered offensive in the West.



  • Magicant is possibly a portmanteau of the words magic and significant.
  • Magicant is a portmanteau of magic and cant. Cant being from the Latin verb Cantare, which means to sing. Given that the player must collect the Eight Melodies before being able to travel to Magicant, it is quite possible that this is what the name was supposed to signify.


  • Magicant and its status as a dream land, as well as Ness's visit to it, was given an indirect allusion in Super Smash Bros., where he is fought in the Dream Land stage for Kirby when unlocking him.
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