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"Its shell is unbelievably hard."
— In-battle Check

Magic Snail (Magica Snail in Mother) is an enemy in EarthBound Beginnings that only appears in Magicant.


Their Defense stat is significantly higher than all its other stats. They usually inflict low damage each time it attacks, unless it gets a SMAAASH!! attack which will do a great deal of damage. It can also move closer to the party, which essentially raises it's offense greatly, despite not being directly said. Its battle theme is Battle With a Dangerous Foe.

Groups with[]

  • Magic Snail (x2)


  • Attack - The Magic Snail attacks a party member, dealing low to moderate damage.
  • Approached slowly - The Magic Snail approaches the party, wasting a turn but doubling its Offense for the next turns.


  • Despite apparently being magical, they do not cast any form of magic.