"The Magic butterfly made Ness and his friends relax."
EarthBound text after encountering a Magic butterfly
"The magic butterfly made everyone in Lucas's party relax."
Mother 3 text after encountering a Magic butterfly
"This is a Magic Butterfly colony. I often come here to be revitalized after I've worn myself out by overusing my PSI. ♥"

The Magic Butterfly is an orange and yellow butterfly that appears in EarthBound and Mother 3. It has a trail of sparkles that follows it, and, when touched by Ness's or Lucas's party, it makes the entire party relax (with the screen momentarily flashing purple in EarthBound and being tinted yellow in Mother 3) and recover 20 PP towards their maximum limit. In EarthBound, they can be found in many places (occasionally spawning in unreachable areas as well as in gift boxes), whereas in Mother 3 they appear in more set locations (such as the Magic Butterfly colony where Ionia awakens Lucas's ability to use PSI). However, there are still some unique locations that Magic Butterflies appear in, such as a group of presents in King P's playroom in the Thunder Tower the discarded helmet of the Pigmask Captain that Lydia took in and the flower pot in mayor Pusher's house