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MachPizza Exterior Threed

Mach Pizza in Threed.

Mach Pizza is a pizza delivery service in EarthBound who appears to be run by a resilient deliveryman named Gonzales (ゴンザレス) in Japan. Pizza can be ordered over the phone and delivered nearly anywhere in Eagleland, FoggyLand and Chommo after learning the phone number from a Mach Pizza store. Ironically, despite the fact that its name contains the word "mach," which means supersonic speed, it delivers much slower than Escargo Express, which translates to snail express.

MachPizza Interior

Inside Mach Pizza.

MachPizza Deepdark Delivery

Mach Pizza delivers!


In Onett, Ness encounters the first Mach Pizza building in the game, but it is under construction and cannot be entered.

In Twoson, Ness can enter Mach Pizza for the first time. The employee at the counter tells Ness that they only deliver, and gives him the phone number for Mach Pizza.

In Threed, there is a third location, identical to the one in Twoson.

Ordering and Delivery[]

Mach Pizza can be called from any phone. The player can choose to order a small, medium, or large pizza. Medium pizzas are always sold out; small orders a "Pizza " (120 HP recovery) and large orders a "Large pizza " (240 HP recovery for all party members).

After ordering, the employee says the pizza will be ready "in 3 minutes". After hanging up, Ness and friends are free to roam again and go wherever they wish. After 3 real-time minutes have passed, the Mach Pizza deliveryman (canonically named Gonzales) will run up to Ness to take payment and give him the pizza.

While the party is awaiting the delivery of the pizza, they cannot teleport.

Clay machpizza

Clay model of Gonzales, Mach Pizza's deliveryman.


After Giygas is defeated, Mach Pizza's only deliveryman, Gonzales, quits. This results in the entire franchise closing.


  • When promoting EarthBound, Nintendo of America included several scratch-and-sniff cards in the back of the game's official strategy book. Among these was an unlabeled "mystery scent" card with an "Ident-A-Smell" giveaway contest included. Players would mail the card to Nintendo of America with their guess as to what scent was included on it. Applicants who guessed "Pizza" or "Nintendo" were sent a congratulatory note featuring a pizza-scented air freshener in Gonzales's likeness. The smell, however, lasted for only one day.
  • On topic, due to EarthBound not having the best initial success, barely anyone participated in this contest, thus not many air fresheners being produced. Nowadays, these are incredibly rare and go for extremely high prices in auction or other buying sites.