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"The Loaded Dice try to call for help, but it doesn't call for more Loaded Dice. This enemy has the ability to call any of the enemies in Magicant, like the Carefree Bomb or French Kiss of Death. Its PSI defenses are weak."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Loaded Dice is a "summoner" type enemy in EarthBound, who can only call for help from other enemies, and appears only in Magicant.



They appear in-battle as a walking die with a top hat and cane, but appear out-of-battle as a moving gift box.


The Loaded Dice has two different versions; while their stats are identical, one can call for a Fobby, Uncontrollable Sphere, or an Electro Swoosh (the most common enemy this variant calls); the other can call for a Beautiful UFO, High-class UFO, or a Care Free Bomb (the most common enemy for this variant).


  • Called for help - The Loaded Dice calls for help, and an enemy (listed above) joins the battle.


  • All Loaded Dice are vulnerable to most forms of PSI available, but due to only appearing in Magicant, only Ness's PSI moves are avaliable.
    • Due to Ness missing most of the attacks at this point in the game, the best choice is to use PSI.