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This is a list of all enemies that are found in the coding of Mother 3, but cannot be encountered under normal gameplay circumstances. All enemy names derive from The Unofficial Mother 3 Fan Translation which, though unofficial, is the only English version of the game and was handled by an experienced team, among them Tomato, who has a background in professional localization.

Most unused enemies use Battle Sound 1 as their battle sound which falls under Code Numbers 439 for regular attack, 440 for Smaaaash! and 441 for Miss. All enemies, used or unused that have Battle Sound 1 have either More Mischievous Blues or Unfounded Revenge as their battle theme. These might somehow be related. Battle Sound 1 seems to be the default battle sound for enemies that were never actually given a battle sound (or in the case of a few enemies, no battle sound at all), much like More Mischievous Blues seems to be the default battle theme for unused enemies that were never given a battle theme. Further hacking (such as giving the enemies attacks using hacking software) is required for most of these to use their battle sounds as, by default, they have no attacks at all.

Name Level HP PP Offense Defense IQ Speed EXP DP Item Chance Modifier
(EMPTY) 5000 BF, E0, F3
Aeolia's Table 5768 D2
Alkaline Man 52 5000 0 80 255 55 58 1280 0 Made-You-Look 10% A8
Antlion C1
Candle FB
Carousel E8
Chestnut F9
Clayman 4820 CE
Crab Offense Spray C3
Drago D6
Dung Beetle 255 46 Silver Dragonfly CB
Duster C7
Egg of Light F8
Electric Catfish 3000 C4, EC
Energy Machine FD
Explosion E5
Fierce Pork Trooper C2, D7
Firefly Swarm EA
Fish ED
Flag DE
Flame 1 E2
Flame 3 DD
Flower DB
Friendly Ghost F5
Green Train D8
Hinawa's Cloth EB
Keyboard C8
Light Blade FE
Lotus Root E3
Magic C6
Mini Elevator 5757 Anti-Paralysis 100% D5
Mouse FC
Nippo's Dresser 10 E9
OJ 10 C9
Pick 5000 C0
Piece E1
Portrait F4
Pump Drago D9
Robot CA
Rockin' Ghost FA
Ropeway DF
Rope Ladder


Rope Snake D0

Rope Snake

3856 D1
Sea Urchin EF
Shimmy Zmizz 10 C5
Sign F1
Sign 10 0 0 0 0 F2
Snow Bunny CD
Statue Head E7
Steel Ball F7
Straw 6666 D3
Tent Person CC
Three Amigos 508 Bag of Pork Chips DA
Tiny Forest 45 1680 124 74 22 36 36 879 300 BA
Train 10 0 0 0 0 F0
Trash Can F6
Unworked Clay E4
Vapor CF
Vapor 2 2485 Factory Sketch 100% D4
Wine Glass FF

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