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Cameos (also known as Easter Eggs), are references to other video games created by Nintendo, sometimes in non-Earthbound games by Nintendo. Several Earthbound cameos can be also seen in movies or TV shows.

Inside the Earthbound/Mother series[]

Earthbound Beginnings[]


  • In Japanese version, if the player presses "Don't care" 6 times, The characters will be named after the characters from Super Mario series. Ness to Mario, Paula to Peach, Jeff to Luigi, Poo to Kinopio (the Japanese name for "Toad") & King to Yoshi respectively.
  • In the Onett arcade, the arcade screens resembles Donkey Kong & Space Invaders. The sound effects from Xevious can be heard.
  • Kirby can be seen on the left side of the debug menu.

In other Video Game series[]

Kirby Super Star/Kirby Super Star Ultra (1996/2008)[]

Yoyo Kirby

The icon for the Yoyo copy ability in Kirby Super Star

  • In The Great Cave Offensive, Mr. Saturn makes a cameo appearance as an Item.
  • There's a copy ability that is References to Ness's Yo-yo called "Yoyo". the background on Kirby's Ability Photo are green and blue tiles, similar to that of the file select screen in Earthbound.

Need for Speed: ProStreet (2007)[]

  • A face of a boy similar to Ness appears in the game and is categorized under the 8-bit vinyls list (codenamed "Hat").
    "Hat" vinyl as it appears in Need for Speed: Prostreet

Super Paper Mario (2007)[]

  • One of the game's bosses, Underchomp, is fought in a RPG turn based battle similar to Earthbound.

A Kappa's Trail (2009)[]

  • The game contains many references to Mother 3, including a Pigmask mask, Ocho the octopus, and the merman oxygen robots.

Infiltrating the Airship (2013)[]

  • In the Henry Stickmin game Infiltrating the Airship, there is an EarthBound style battle against the Right Hand Man. If Henry selects PSI, he will use PSI Flash β. The only way to win the battle is to select Goods, where Henry will use a Multi Bottle Rocket, defeating the Right Hand Man instantly. The Right Hand Man's attacks are swinging wildly at Henry, creating a massive shockwave, fire a burst from his machine gun. All of these attacks cause Henry to take mortal damage after one turn. Winning the battle gives Henry 2266 (nonfunctional) experience points. The battle uses a remix of the sanctuary guardian theme.[1]

Super Mario Maker (2015)[]

  • When a Ness & Lucas amiibo figure are scanned, the player gains a Mystery Mushroom item that gives Mario the appearance of the figure scanned. You can also unlock Master Belch and Mr. Saturn Mystery Mushroom costumes from quests.

Kirby Planet Robobot (2016)[]

  • A copy ability that is similar to Ness called "ESP" is first introduced in this game. This copy ability would later appear in Kirby Star Allies

Miitopia (2016)[]

  • When scanning the Ness amiibo, the player will receive a Ness costume for their miis.


  • In the Undertale/Deltarune fangame Deltatraveler, EarthBound is the main theme of Section 2 Oh, Mother. Kris, Susie and Noelle fall through a grey door in Undertale that takes them to Twoson Caves, and they explore through Peaceful Rest Valley, Happy Happy Village and Lilliput Steps. In the game's Neutral Route, Pokey is the final boss, and on Obliteration, Ness and Paula are the final bosses.

In TV shows[]

Amphibia (2019)[]

  • Earthbound in Amphibia no way

    Four background characters in Amphibia resembling the protagonists of Earthbound

    There is a scene where four characters in the background that resemble Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo make a short cameo appearance at the Saint James School in the episode "Reunion".

In Movies[]

Doraemon Movie[]

  • When Suneo is at the store, there is a video game titled "Father 5" is a parody of "Mother 2".