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During Ness's adventure in Eagleland, Foggyland and Chommo, he'll periodically come across a photographer who will take his picture. These photographs will appear during the credits at the end of the game. It is a small side quest to find all of the locations. To trigger the photographer, simply walk into the appropriate spot.

  1. In front of Ness's house (after Buzz Buzz is killed).
  2. In front of the couch in the house for sale in Onett (must buy the house for $7500).
  3. In front of the bike shop in Twoson.
  4. Walk all the to top of Peaceful Rest Valley on the left side.
  5. In front of the cabin in Peaceful Rest Valley after you enter the cabin once.
  6. In front of the Chaos Theater in Twoson.
  7. Below the Tessie watchers' tent in Winters.
  8. Inside Brick Road's Maze near a sign at the top.
  9. In front of a lone gravestone in the graveyard in Threed.
  10. In front of Grapefruit Falls.
  11. In front of the Milky Well cave entrance in Saturn Valley.
  12. In front of the Circus Tent in Threed after you use the zombie paper.
  13. Find the Black Sesame Seed in Dusty Dunes Desert and speak to it.
  14. At the entrance to the Gerardo Montague's Mine after you defeat the Guardian Diggers.
  15. On the bridge between Dusty Dunes Desert and Fourside, at the top near the Fourside end.
  16. In front of Fourside Museum.
  17. Inside Fourside Museum next the sign about the dinosaur bones.
  18. In the grass that may be seen between the Monotoli building and the skyscraper to the right of it.
  19. Near the toys on the top floor of the Department Store in Fourside.
  20. Next to the throne in Dalaam.
  21. At the entrance to Dalaam's Palace after Poo has joined Ness.
  22. Just below the entrance to the Stonehenge Base.
  23. In front of the hotel in Summers.
  24. Inside the Summers restaurant between tables.
  25. Next to the umbrella and lounge chairs on Summers beach near the gelato stand.
  26. Near the ship's captain at the docks in Toto.
  27. Between an oasis and a peddler in Scaraba's bazaar.
  28. At the entrance to the pyramid in Scaraba.
  29. Near an oasis in the desert south of Dungeon Man.
  30. To the right of the Myna bird in Deep Darkness.
  31. Speak to the Tenda Chief after he overcomes shyness.
  32. The final photo is automatically added at the end of the game.

It is possible to avoid all but three of these photos, though some may require using special tricks such as using PSI Teleport to run through the trigger.