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"I wish I could pound fate with this two-by-four..."
— Lighter

Lighter is a character in Mother 3. He is the father of Fuel and a close friend to Flint, as mentioned by Ed in Chapter 1.


Lighter and his son Fuel reside in Sunshine Forest, just beyond Tazmily Village. Lighter's occupation is a woodworker, and as such he is often seen carrying a large piece of lumber over his shoulder. When Flint goes insane after hearing Hinawa's death, he starts attacking the villagers, before Lighter knocks him out. During the events of Chapter 1, is injured during the Sunshine Forest's fire by the Fireflies and is left to recover while Flint saves Fuel from their collapsing house. Later on, Lighter recovers and attempts to remove fallen trees while Flint and the over villagers look for Hinawa, Claus and Lucas.

Lighter is one of the last inhabitants of Tazmily to not migrate to New Pork City until the game's eighth and final chapter, and appears during the first confrontation against Porky.


  • Lighter and his family all have names pertaining to fire in some manner.
  • Pictures of Earthbound 64 show Lighter wearing a vest, revealing his bare chest and a hat.
  • In EarthBound 64, Lighter owned a fishing boat named the Hatemi Maru.
  • According to an article of the MOTHER 3 Times from Dengeki 64 magazine, Lighter once had a wife named Tobacco. She went missing during a family boat ride, and presumably passed away after their boat was attacked by a large creature.
  • According to early promotional info on EarthBound 64, Lighter is stated to be around 30 years old.

    Lighter as he appeared in EarthBound 64. Something important to note is that it says here that he is 30 years old.

  • An alternate design of Lighter appears in some guides books for MOTHER3. This design features numerous differences from the one seen in game, such as, him sporting a purple shirt, white eyes, and lacking a beard. While unconfirmed, it is possible that this could be an early design.