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The Letter from Tony is an item in EarthBound. It is a letter addressed to Jeff Andonuts from his best friend, Tony, which can be obtained from a gift box in Saturn Valley, after the defeat of Giygas. If Ness uses it in front of Jeff, he will say "Ah, Ness you read it already....That Tony has a heart of gold."


"Dear Jeff,

Everything's really going great here.
I wish I could have gone with you on your adventure, even just part of the way, but instead I'm sitting here, waiting for you in Winters.
I want to see you again as soon as possible.
I can't wait to see your cheerful face.
I bet your glasses are dirty...If you come back, I'll clean them for you!
Like I said, I'm waiting for you.

Yours truly,

P.S. Don't show this letter to anyone!"