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"The Lesser Mook is one of the few organic occupants of the Stonehedge compound. This beast is neutralized by most PSI attacks and should be nothing more than a minor nuisance for the party."
EarthBound Player's Guide

Lesser Mooks are enemies in EarthBound, they are a weaker variant of the Department Store Spook. They can be encountered in Winters once Jeff has joined Ness's party and oddly enough, in Dungeon Man. They look exactly like the Department Store Spook and the Mook Senior, save for their purple coloring. Lesser Mooks often appear with Wooly Shamblers and Whirling Robos, their battle theme is Battle Against a Machine.


  • PK Freeze alpha - The Lesser Mook tries PK Freeze Alpha. inflicting about 180 points of damage to one party member. Paula is resistant to this attack.
  • PK Freeze beta - The Lesser Mook tries PK Freeze Beta, inflicting about 360 points of damage ot one party member. Paula is resistant to this attack.
  • Hypnosis alpha - The Lesser Mook tries Hypnosis Alpha, making one party member asleep.
  • Glare with eerie eyes - The Lesser Mook glares with its eerie eyes, diamontizing one party member.

Lesser Mooks are vulnerable to PK Fire, Hypnosis, and somewhat vulnerable to PK Flash.


It can be deducted from their names that Lesser Mooks have a low role in the Giygas' minions hierarchy, Their name may also suggest that Mooks go through some kind of training or study in order to stop the party. Lesser Mooks appearing to be just starting or not very advanced in this training, while Mook Seniors seem to be more advanced in this training.


  • There is one unused enemy group in the game's files where Mook Seniors could appear along with Lesser Mooks in battle, it deductedly was going to be used in Dungeon Man, as Lesser Mooks would be too weak in the Stonehenge Base.
  • They are the only Mooks in EarthBound to have a clay model, despite it's usually the first variant to have a clay model.