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A leitmotif (/ˌlaɪtmoʊˈtiːf/) is a musical "phrase" or melody, re-used in multiple songs to be associated with a person, event, or place. Mother 3 has a substantial number of leitmotifs in its soundtrack, sometimes a single track containing multiple.

List of leitmotifs[]

the timestamps indicate what specific time the theme plays, if it doesn't have a timestamp it means to plays through the whole song

Mother Earth[]

The End (1:44 - 2:53)

Pollyanna (I believe in you)[]

  • The Tombstone

Eight Melodies (separate parts)[]

  • The Ocarina's Final Melody
  • Eight Melodies
  • The End (0:00 - 1:44), then it plays a little bit from (2:53 - 2:59)