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The Legendary Bard is a character in EarthBound Beginnings. He appears in a secluded house in southwestern Magicant and is occupied with composing a song. Late in the game, he completes his song and can perform it at Ninten's request; the song is actually a guide as to the locations of the Eight Melodies.

Song (EarthBound Beginnings)[]

Why do you cry, oh Cupid-Doll?

Canary sings so sadly.

Monkey sings, Piano plays,

maybe there is a ghost?

Desert Cactus so alone,

every night his sad, sad tone.

The Dragon sleeps, the note remains.

Eve's last song has no refrain.

On the Mount named Itoi,

you must climb high young boy.

See the XX Stone, for the last tone,

then do not leave Queen Mary alone!

La la lullaby... Strange lullaby...

Bye bye bye... Good-bye.

Song (fan translation)[]

Oh, baby doll, why do you weep?

The saddened canary won't utter a peep.

The monkey can sing, the piano-- it chimes,

Though ghosts will play out on its keyboard sometimes.

Each night in the desert, the lone cactus croons.

The dragon, when beaten, will carry some tunes.

While scaling the mountain, EVE sings along.

Will Queen Mary ever hear the XX Stone's last song?

Lalala, what a mysterious lullabye.

Lullabye, bye-bye, and goodbye.