A segment of the Empire Porky Building Laboratory Floor.

Master Porky's Nice Person Hot Spring

The Laboratory Level of the Empire Porky Building is a location in Mother 3. The "Nice Person Hot Springs" are housed here, which put people and some animals in vats of green fluid. They are to soak in it until they "love Master Porky". This references Giegue's prison cells on Mt. Itoi in EarthBound Beginnings, and the Starman Deluxe's prison cells (affiliated with Giygas) near the end of Stonehenge Base in EarthBound, due to the aesthetic similarities.

Its layout bears some resemblance to the factories from EarthBound and Mother. It is even occupied by such similar enemies who run it. For example, Upgraded Robots (upgraded from the Wobbly Robot) guard the area. From EarthBound, the Return of Octobot (a reference to the Ultimate Octobot) and the Nuclear Reactor Robot guard the area as well. The Pigmask Colonel replaces the various Starmen. The Mecha-Lion (upgraded from the Almost Mecha-Lion) does not replace anything, but it, along with the Upgraded Robot, may be a reference to the numerous amount of robonic enemies on Mt. Itoi in Mother, which can strangely spawn inside the mountain's prison room.



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