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The Kraken's model from EarthBound 64.

The Kraken was a planned boss for EarthBound 64, and goes completely unused in the final release of MOTHER 3 on GBA. Despite this, it seemed that it would've played a rather large role in the game's story as it appeared numerous times in promotional material for the game. Due to them being unused and only being in EarthBound 64, any information such as HP, drops, etc. is unknown.


The Kraken is a large, tentacled, orange, two-headed sea monster that lived off the coast of Great Scale Village where it's feces would wash up on the shores. It is also implied to have taken the lives of two villagers, that being Nana's father, Papa, and Tobacco, the wife of Lighter and mother of Fuel. Later on it would go on and attack the village.


  • There is an boss in MOTHER 2 also called the Kraken, however due to how radically different their designs are, the chances of their being any further connections are very slim.
  • The Kraken does not appear in MOTHER 3 (GBA) in any way.
  • An pre-render from Dengeki 64 magazine shows a bowl of "Kraken Soup" using the tentacles from the creature. This may have been some sort of healing item in EarthBound 64.
  • The enemy designer of EarthBound 64, Toshinao Aoki, stated in an interview that the Kraken was his favorite enemy that he designed for the game.