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Jerry Milne (1954-2013) better know as his stage name Jeb Million, was a Canadian singer, songwriter and musician and was one of the main vocalists featured on the official soundtrack for Mother back in 1989.

Around 1976 Jerry Miline moved from Canada to London to follow the footsteps of his guitarist friend Derek O'Neil and formed the band called "Fury" also around this time Jerry Miline changed his name to Jeb Million. Jeb Million was the main vocalist and songwriter for "Fury"

During 1978 the band "Fury" changed their name to "Blazer Blazer" and the following year the band released the single " Cecil B.Devine"

In 1980 the band "Blazer Blazer" disbanded. A couple months later Jeb formed his next band "Jeb Million And The Broadway Brats

In 1986 Jeb Million signed a contract with Stock Aitken Waterman and released two singles called "Second Time Around" & "Speed Up My Heartbeat" to moderate success.

The next year in 1987, Jeb Million released two new singles called "Distant Land" and "Never To Make You Cry", now under the moniker "Radio Earth".

In 1988 after leaving Stock Aitken Waterman Jeb formed a club called "Singers" the club moved from through various London nightspots.

While in England, Jeb Million also written lyrics for singles and was a session signer, singing advertising jingles for products.

Then in 1989, Jeb Million provided his voice for the third track of the official soundtrack for Mother "The Paradise Line".

Years later in 1996 Jeb Million moved to Los Angles to pursue an animation career and eventually he started his own animation studio called Wit Animation.

In 2011, he than turned his animation studio into a music venue called The Witz End.

In September 11th, 2013, at the age of 59, Jeb Million died in his sleep from a heart attack.